Streaming TV

We offer installation and setup of smart TVs and streaming TV platforms. Streaming services are an excellent and inexpensive way to supplement your over-the-air viewing experience.

Roku: Our recommended streaming platform
There are a number of streaming platforms out there. However, we recommend Roku for its versatility, low cost and ease of use. A Roku Express player is available for less than $30 from major retailers including Amazon, Target and Best Buy.

Recommended free streaming apps

XUMO (Free)
XUMO offers over 150 free TV channels, including History, FOX Sports, CBC, Stadium, Field & Stream, Wired and many others (ad-supported).

Pluto TV (Free)
Pluto TV offers over 110 free TV channels and 30+ music channels, including CNBC, NBCSN, FOX Sports, RT America, Weather Nation, NASA TV, Stadium and Buzzr. Additionally, you can stream a substantial collection of movies and TV shows (ad-supported).

Tubi (Free)
Tubi streams over 12,000 TV shows and movies, mostly from the libraries of Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Lionsgate (ad-supported).

Sony Crackle (Free)
Sony Crackle streams a plethora of TV shows and movies from the libraries of Sony and other partners (ad-supported).

The Roku Channel (Free, pre-installed on Roku)
The Roku channel offers a number of free TV shows and movies, along with paid content.

Vudu (Free, paid)
Vudu primarily offers paid movie/TV rental, however they offer a section of films that are available watch free with ads.

YouTube (Free)
All your favorite YouTube programming is available to watch directly on your TV.

PBS/PBS Kids (Free, paid)
The PBS and PBS kids apps allow you to stream a number of national and local PBS programs.

Comet TV (Free)
Allows you to stream Comet (the vintage Sci-Fi channel).

The CW App (Free)
Stream CW-network shows.

Stadium TV (Free)
Live streaming and on-demand programming from Stadium (Sports).

Rev’n (Free)
Live streaming and on-demand programming from Rev’n TV (Automotive).

KOOL TV (Free)
Live streaming and on-demand programming from local Alexandria-based KOOL TV.

Recommended paid streaming apps 

Prime Video & Amazon Music (free w/Amazon Prime account)
Prime Video offers access to free movies and TV shows, along with Amazon-exclusive content., while Amazon Music offers access a wide catalog of music.

Netflix ($8.99-$15.99/mo)
Netflix offers access to a wide variety of movies, documentaries, TV shows and Netflix-original content.

Hulu ($7.99-$11.99/mo)
Hulu offers access to a wide variety TV shows.

HBO Go ($14.99/mo)
Access to all HBO content.

Sling ($15-$25/mo)
Stream major “cable” channels including ESPN, CNN, HGTV and Disney (34-56 channels, depending on package).

Philo ($16-$20/mo)
Stream major “cable” channels including Comedy Central, HGTV, Hallmark and TV Land (44-57 channels, depending on package).

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