Digital TV Antennas

Tired of paying $100+/month for cable or satellite TV service?

Tired of contracts and cable boxes?

Our antennas can pull in dozens of channels, including all the major networks in pristine High Definition (check out our channel list). Unlike satellite service, antenna reception is 99% reliable in all kinds of weather. With an antenna, you’ll be watching free TV for years to come – all for the cost of just a few months of cable or satellite TV service. Plus, you get better picture quality as Over-The-Air channels are significantly less compressed than cable/satellite.

We connect the antenna using the cable/satellite wiring already installed in your house (additional rooms/locations can be added, if necessary). On all TVs made 2006 or later, antenna channels tune directly through the TV set itself – no extra boxes! With the included amplifier/preamplifier, your antenna system will feed reliable signal to every set in the house (we can connect garages and out-buildings, too). We also offer network-connected tuners for computers and devices, along with subscription-free DVR systems so you’ll never miss your favorite shows.

In areas where stations from multiple markets are available, we can install multi-antenna or rotor-controlled systems.

Use Cable Internet service? We can connect the modem straight to Cable and connect the rest of the outlets in the house to your Antenna.

FM radio antennas and Free-To-Air Satellite can also be integrated with an TV antenna system, if desired.

All of our installations use the absolute finest, most durable antennas and parts available on the market today. We have thoroughly researched, evaluated and field tested everything we install and guarantee that it will withstand harsh upper-Midwest weather.

Our installs come with a 45 day money back trial guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with Over-The-Air digital TV, we’ll remove the installation and refund your money. We also warranty all parts and labor for a full 1yr. Book us for an installation and we’ll demonstrate the antenna at your location FOR FREE before you commit to anything!

We also service existing antenna setups (attics, roofs, towers).

Ready to cut the cord? contact us today or call (952) 491-0643, (715) 802-6275. We’ll run a signal prediction for your exact location and get you a FREE, no obligation quote.

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