Multi-Unit Residential & Commercial Systems

We install and service centralized, Master Antenna TV (MATV) systems for multi-unit residential and commercial facilities. Offer your tenants reliable reception on all available local channels, for a one-time installation fee! We include a printable PDF channel list for distribution to your tenants, reference documentation for maintenance staff and 24×7 technical support via phone, text and e-mail.

What is a Master Antenna System and how does it work?
A Master Antenna system works in pretty much the same way as a home antenna setup, only on a much larger scale. One or more antennas receive the local antenna channels (and FM radio stations, if desired). On our systems, the antenna(s) connect to a Televes Avant X programmable distribution amplifier, where the antennas are combined, the levels between channels are equalized, re-modulated (if necessary) and then amplified up to the appropriate level for distribution throughout the entire system. This ensures that every channel is received reliably in every unit.

My building has an existing Master Antenna System and it doesn’t work very well/some residents don’t get certain channels/reception is unreliable. What’s wrong with it? Can you fix it?
We find all manner of issues with old Master Antenna systems – often related to the fact that the existing system is decades old. We find bad outdoor cabling, corroded fittings, failing amplifiers, mis-aimed antennas, etc, etc. In many cases, a system can be repaired in a day or less and usually involves installing new (properly aimed) antennas, a new programmable distribution amplifier and replacing weathered cabling.

Can you integrate door cameras (or other closed circuit video content) into a Master Antenna system?
Yes we can!

My building has a Master Antenna system, but not all the units seem to work/units are missing wall plates, etc.
Yes! We can diagnose and repair wiring issues, etc.

My building doesn’t have an existing Master Antenna System/I think there are jacks for a Master Antenna, but there’s no longer an antenna on the roof/We have a Master Satellite system nobody uses anymore. What would it take to put in a Master Antenna system?
We recommend you contact us to schedule an in-person walk-through/estimate to figure out how your building is wired and what it would take to install a Master Antenna system.

In the case of abandoned MATV wiring, that should be a matter of finding the existing wiring and updating the setup.

It is also relatively easy to retrofit the wiring for a multi-unit Satellite system for Over-The-Air (we’d remove the dishes, and the multi-switch equipment, then re-use the lines for antenna and install a distribution amp and splitter matrix).

In some buildings, each unit has separate jacks and wiring structures for Cable and Master Antenna (often, there is a dedicated “home run” line to each unit for Cable, while the Master Antenna is daisy-chained from unit-to-unit via a matrix of taps and splitters, which fan out from a single line connecting to the distribution amplifier). This setup allows residents to utilize the Antenna jack for TV/FM, while still maintaining Cable for Internet or Phone service.

In other buildings (particularly newer ones), we find that there is just a single “home run” coax line running to each unit, which can either be connected to Cable or Antenna. Some newer buildings may not have Antenna wiring at all. In such a case, we can install an an antenna, distribution amplifier and splitter matrix close to the Cable distribution point – residents will still have to choose between Cable or Antenna service.

I’m a landlord and I’m tired of each satellite subscriber having a separate dish mounted on the roof/balcony Is there a way we can mount one dish per service and allow the residents to hook up to it?
Yes! In addition to Master Antenna systems, we can also install master DirecTV, Dish network or even Free-To-Air (International) satellite systems, so you have a common dish that will feed all the units that desire it.

Case Studies:

1)84-unit senior-living complex (Anoka, MN)
This building, built in 1988, was wired with a single “home run” coax cable going to each unit – residents could choose between Cable or Antenna. We found an improperly aimed antenna, cracking coax cable on the roof and a distribution amplifier much to small to feed the complex. Reception varied from one end of the building to the other and, reportedly, not even all the major network channels (2/4/5/9/11/23/41) came in.

We installed a new, properly-aimed, pre-amplified antenna, replaced the failing coax cable on the roof and installed a Televes Avant X programmable amplifier to feed the complex. The Avant X automatically adjusts the level on each channel individually, in real-time and has such strong output capability, we had to turn it down a full 10dB from its max output level in order to match the level the cable company fed the building at.
Residents are now receiving reliable reception on 80+ channels, including 2/4/5/9/11/14/15/23/25/33/41/43/49/62.

We were able to complete this upgrade in around 1/2 day, at cost of ~$10/unit.

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