Audio-Only Subchannels

The digital TV broadcast standard is quite flexible and allows stations to broadcast subchannels that are simply audio-only (ie, no picture). These are relatively rare occurrences, but do exist nonetheless. In the past, all channels that showed up as “audio-only” were indeed audio-only. However, some subchannels are now broadcast using MPEG-4 video compression. On older TV sets not capable of decoding the newer MPEG-4 video format, they might display an “Audio-only” message. Please see our MPEG-4 Subchannels page. In order to differentiate which channels are MPEG-4 and which are actually audio-only, we have compiled the following list.

Audio-only subchannels (by market):
 18.99 IRIS

 58.5 3ABN Radio
 58.6 3ABN Radio Latino
 58.7 Radio74

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