Home Networking/Wi-Fi

Looking fore reliable, blazing-fast WiFi throughout your whole property?

Tired of paying your internet provider to rent your modem or router?

We offer installation on a full range of home networking products, including: 

Cable/DSL modems: Stop renting and start saving money by owning your own modem!

WiFi/wired networks: Get blazing fast speed everywhere in the home with a multi access point mesh WiFi system tailored to your house’s size and layout.

Point-to-point WiFi links: Connect your home’s internet/network to garages and outbuildings without burying cable, via directional wireless links.

Outdoor WiFi access points: Omnidirectional WiFi access points can be mounted on tripods, towers, silos or other structures to provide wireless connectivity at a significant distance outdoors.

All WiFi access points throughout the property can be configured to operate on the same network name/password, offering seamless mesh-networking on all your devices.

Phone wiring to Ethernet (network) conversion: The cabling used for landline phone jacks in most homes built within the last 20+ years is actually Cat5/Cat5e cabling, which can instead be used for Ethernet (wired) networking. We can convert that wiring for networking use. Wired networking offers the best speed, security and reliability.

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