TV & Tuner Setup

Amazon Fire TV Recast:

Fire TV Sticks & TVs:
Scanning for Channels: Settings→Live TV→Live TV Sources→Fire TV Recast->Channel Scan
Video: Scanning for Channels on a Fire TV – Tyler the Antenna Man

Fire TV Mobile App:
Scanning for Channels: Settings→Fire TV Recast Settings→Channel Management→Channel Scan

Air TV:

Scanning for Channels: Sling App→Menu→Settings→Over the Air Channels→Rescan Channels

Channel Master Stream+DVR:

Scanning for Channels: Home→Settings→TV Tuner→Rerun channel setup→Continue

Digital TV Tuner Boxes (GPX, Mediasonic, etc.):

Scanning for Channels: Menu→Channel Search→Auto Search
Signal Strength Meter: Menu→Manual Search


Scanning for Channels: Settings→Edit Location→Use current→Begin Channel Scan→Add to guide

TiVo Bolt OTA:

Scanning for Channels: Settings→Channel Settings→Antenna Channel Scan


Scanning for Channels: Setup→Installation→Channel Program
Signal Strength Meter: Setup→Installation→Signal Meter


Scanning for Channels: Settings→Channel→Auto Tuning→Ok
Signal Strength Meter: Settings→Channel→Manual Tuning→Down Arrow (to select the channel)→Left/Right Arrows (to tune channel up/down)
(Signal Strength measures the received Signal-To-Noise ratio, while Signal Quality measures error rate. Unless the received signal is very weak, signal quality will remain at 100%).
Video: Scanning for channels on an LG TV – Tyler The Antenna Man


Scanning for Channels:
Menu→Setup→Program Channel→Auto
Signal Strength Meter: Menu→Setup→Program Channel→Signal meter

Phillips (Android):

Scanning for Channels: Live TV→Channel Installation→Setup→Ok→Antenna



Scanning for Channels: Channel→Signal Type:Air→Auto Tuning→Yes
Signal Strength Meter: Channel→DTV Signal

Roku TV:

Scanning for Channels: Antenna TV→Start Finding Channels→No, Channels 3 & 4 Are Not Needed→Done.


Scanning for Channels: Broadcasting→Auto Program→Start
Signal Strength Meter: Support→Self Diagnosis→Signal Information
Video: Scanning Channels on a Samsung TV – Tyler The Antenna Man


Scanning for Channels: Menu→Channels→Tuner Mode: Antenna→Auto Channel Scan
Signal Strength Meter: Menu→Antenna Setup→Digital


Scanning for Channels: Home→Settings→Channels→Channel Setup→Cable/Antenna→Antenna→Auto Program→Yes.
Signal Strength Meter: Home→Settings→Help→Signal Diagnostic


Scanning for Channels: Menu→Channels→Channel Source: Antenna→Find Channels→Ok