Weather Radio

Stay safe and up-to-date on the latest weather conditions with a NOAA Weather Radio receiver.

Weather radio service is available nearly everywhere in the US, offering 24/7 forecast information.

When severe weather hits and an alert is issued (ie, when the sirens go off), equipped weather radio receivers will automatically turn on so that the alert can be heard. Additionally, radios can display a text summary of the most recent severe weather alert, for later review. When the appropriate S.A.M.E code is entered into a receiver, it will only trigger for alerts in your immediate area.

Simply put, if you’re out of the range sirens, you should have a weather radio in your house.

We sell and set up weather radios, along with outdoor weather radio antennas, for use in weak signal areas or in metal buildings. They can be integrated into existing TV/FM antenna wiring.

NOAA Weather Radio Stations (by County)

Recommended Radios:

Midland WR-120 ($39.99)
SAME, Alert Indicators, Alarm Clock, Antenna Input, 3AA backup

Midland WE-300 ($59.99)
SAME, Alert Indicators, Alarm Clock, Antenna Input, AM/FM Tuning, 4AA backup

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