Phone (VoIP)

Tired of paying too much for landline/cable phone service?

Got a high-speed Internet connection?

With VoIP phone service, you get to keep your existing number and you can use your existing phones, while paying just a fraction of the price of traditional land line phone service.  We’ll help you get everything set up.

Recommended VoIP providers:

Hardware Cost: $99.99 (Ethernet), $129.99 (Wi-Fi/Ethernet), $129.99 (4G LTE)

Monthly Fees:
Free Service (Approx. $5.99/mo for taxes/fees, $39.99 one-time fee to port phone number)
-Unlimited US calling

Premier Service ($9.99/mo + ~$5.99 taxes/fees, free number porting with an annual subscription)
-Unlimited US calling, 2nd line, 2nd number, free Mexico/Canada calling…

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