Consulting & Design

In addition to installation and on-site services, we offer a range of design and consulting services including:

Custom TV & FM Antenna recommendations ($30)
We run several signal predictions for the exact address the antenna is to be installed, evaluating predicted signal strengths, local topographic and foliage obstructions. After a comprehensive evaluation of signal conditions and available channels, We’ll design an antenna system ideal for your location, with a complete parts list (and URLs to the best priced suppliers), step-by-step installation instructions, and follow-up support. We are able to offer this service to residents of the US and Canada.

Residential pre-wiring design ($40)
Evaluating home blueprints, we’ll design a complete communications/low voltage system layout including: Antenna/Satellite TV service, whole-house WiFi, Cell signal boosters, on-wall TV locations, etc. Includes design and list of recommended materials.

Large-scale (commercial and multi-unit residential) Antenna and Satellite system design ($ varies)
For both new construction and retrofit installations, we offer complete design services for over-the-air antenna TV systems, free-to-air satellite, commercial paid satellite and “private cable” setups.

How it works:
1)Fill out the Contact Us form with your name, address and e-mail. We’ll be sure to e-mail you back promptly so you can attach files if needed.
2)We’ll prepare the design and send you the payment link after it’s ready.
3)After payment, we’ll send the design right over.

-In the event we run a signal prediction for your location and find that you have unusuable signal, there is no charge,

On-site consulting services:
At locations in the upper midwest, we offer a variety of consulting services.
-Satellite site surveys
-Cell signal site surveys
-TV, FM signal site site surveys
-Cable locating and labling
-MATV system evaluation
-Interference identification
Please contact us for more information.