The Complete Cord-Cutting Guide

Cable/Satellite TV Alternatives
A digital antenna can receive dozens of channels, including major networks (ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, ION, NBC, PBS) and “subchannel” networks (Court TV, H&I, MeTV, etc). A digital antenna can be connected to existing cable or satellite wiring and digital TV signals tune directly on all TVs manufactured 2006 or later (Older sets may require a $35 tuner box). A range of Over-The-Air DVR options are available, allowing you to watch live or recorded TV on devices and smart TV platforms.
There are a variety of streaming services available to fit your viewing needs. Streaming services can be broken down into three major categories:
-Paid, on-demand content (Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, etc.)
-Paid, live TV [cable replacement] (YouTube TV, Philo, Sling, etc.)
-Free (Pluto TV, Tubi, XUMO, etc.)
Many streaming services can be viewed directly on modern smart TVs. Older sets require a streaming device, such a Roku, Chromecast or Fire TV, available for around $30-$40.
We can assist you with the selection of streaming TV services, installation and setup of streaming hardware.
Free-To-Air Satellite systems offer access to a variety of primarily religious and international channels. FTA can be distributed simultaneously over the same coax cabling as a digital antenna system.
Phone Alternatives
Got a high-speed Internet connection? Still want to keep your landline phones? Switch to low-cost VoIP service, which costs $5-$10/mo. We can assist you with hardware selection and installation.
Have you wanted to ditch the land-line phone, but experience issues with poor cell phone service at home? We offer a variety of solutions, include RF Cell Signal Boosters, Internet-Based Network Extenders and Mesh-Networked WiFi for WiFi Calling.
Internet Alternatives
Stop paying your cable company $10+/mo to rent the modem and router! Switching to your own modem will pay for itself in less than a year! It only takes a few minutes to install and activate. Installation of a new router system is also fast and easy. Plus, we offer installation of mesh-networking, for blazing fast WiFi throughout the whole house, regardless of the size or layout. We also offer installation of point-to-point wireless links to extend your WiFi coverage to garages and outbuildings.
Live in a rural location, with slow DSL or Satellite Internet service? Check out this list of Fixed Wireless providers – there may be one available at your location. We also install RF Cell Signal Boosters, LTE modems and Starlink Satellite Internet service.

How much you’ll save

Cable TV vs. Antenna TV:
Cable TV: $120/mo
Antenna TV: $0/mo
Monthly Savings: $120/mo
Return on investment: ~3-6 month

Landline phone vs. VoIP:
Landline: $40/mo
VoIP: $5/mo
Monthly Savings: $35/mo
Return on investment: ~3 months

Modem/router rental vs. ownership:
Rental: $10/mo
Ownership: $0/mo
Monthly savings: $10/mo
Return on investment: ~1 year

Total savings:
Per month: $165
Per year: $1,980
Per decade: $19,800


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