LTE Modems


Do you experience cellphone dropouts?

Dropped calls?

No service?

Slow data speeds?

Then a cell phone booster is just what you need!

In areas with little-to-no service, a booster can provide you with more bars, better call quality and faster data speeds.  For metal buildings, a cell booster can provide the same or better cell service inside the building as you get outside.

Our cell boosters work with all carriers, boost most all cell frequency bands and can be co-located on existing antenna mounts.

We’d be happy to demonstrate a system at your location FOR FREE prior to installation. All our systems come with a 45 day money-back trial guarantee and a 1yr warranty.

For more information, contact us today or call (952) 491-0643, (715) 802-6275.

We are a SureCall Level 2 Certified Installer.

The Cell Booster systems we install are compliant with FCC requirements and approved for use by all four major cell phone carriers. Per FCC rules, all booster systems must simply be registered with the carriers (so that, in the off-chance a booster system is causing destructive interference, the owner can be contacted and the interference issue resolved). 

FCC – Signal Boosters